Welcome to DL Phillips Farm, LLCPonies

DL Phillips Farm, LLC is Located in Lone Oak, Texas, about an hour NE of Dallas. We are home of LaKyLu Ponies Of the Americas and purebred Labrador Retrievers and Australian Cattle Dogs.  We show, breed and raise quality horses, ponies and dogs. 

We are are very active in our Local 4-H club and love helping kids and families learn about training and showing both dogs and horses. 

Years of careful planning, selective breeding and hard work have been combined to produce exceptional quality stock.  Whether it be horse or dogs, we strive for quality in conformation, temperament and train-ability in all our animals.  We are selective in our stock and  breeding to bring only the best available to you.  Due to this, our numbers of sale horses and dogs is limited so please check back often for what is available for sale. 

Our horses and ponies come from some of the industries top performers and producers.  A band of carefully selected mares was used to lay the foundation of our breeding program.  Our horses and ponies are bred for versatility, temperament and train-ability. Quarter horse bloodlines include greats such as Doc O Mos, Zippo Pine Bar, Sonny Go Royal and Isle Breeze.  We have taken these great mares and bred them to exceptional Pony Of The Americas (POA) Stallions to produce some fancy youth mounts.  We choose the POA breed for our family because of the versatility of showing, temperament and size of the breed.  The POA is a true all-around breed.  Competing in halter, western, English and games.  This pony provides a youth with a breed that is non-specialized so they can learn many aspects of riding and showing horses.  We continue to breed Quarter Horses & Paints on a limited basis as well.  dogsMatching horse and rider is an important part of our program.  We offer riding lessons and some training as well. 

Or dogs consists of 2 breeds; the Labrador Retriever and the Australian Cattle Dog.  Both of these breeds work extremely well with our active farm life and provide much joy to our family.  From basic obedience and hunting to gathering livestock and simply being our friends, our dogs are constant companions in our lives.  We actively train and show them in conformation, showmanship, obedience and rally.  We feel that dogs should be conformationally correct as well as trainable and be able to do the job they were created to do.  Our Labs love water and retrieving and are excelling in the obedience and rally. Our Cattle dogs love to gather the farm animals (cattle, chickens, horses) and are sharp and smart in the obedience and rally rings.  All of our dogs come from champion bloodlines and are carefully health screened.  eggsOur breeding dogs are conformation pointed or titled and obedience titled.  We only raise a few litters a year and are very selective on the families we place our puppies with.

Farm fresh eggs and laying hens are another aspect of our farm.  Our son, loves poultry and raising chicks.  We have purebred turkeys, guineas and chickens as well as cross bred hearty egg layers available from a variety of ages.  Farm fresh eggs are almost always available.  All our chickens for sale have been hatched here on the farm.  Our poultry is free range in the day and sheltered at night for protection.  Baby chicks are hatched in incubators and placed in brooders and safe shelters to grow in.  To learn more about the benefits of eating farm fresh eggs from range hens, please visit our Poultry Page>>>